After finishing up most of the drum tracks during the first recording session, we began a new session with my buddy Alex Frondelli on the drums. Alex and I play together in another band called Strawberry Blonde and it made complete sense that he would play on this record. He played on two tracks “Tomorrow/Today” and “Plans” and finished rather quickly. Alex has a lot of experience as a session musician and plays on a lot of different projects. Once he finished, we spent the rest of the session tracking all of my acoustic guitar parts for the album. It was especially tiring, seeing as how there are seven songs total on the record. However, we were able to lay down all of the tracks and begin editing all of the different takes. The next session we booked that very same week and were able to get bassist Colin Dooman in to record both bass guitar and stand-up bass on all of the songs. It was a really fun experience to work with both of these musicians who both happen to be in the Music Conservatory at SUNY Purchase.

Strawberry Blonde music/info. can be found here:


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