Hello, world! Welcome to my very first blog post as Lee’s Manifold. I began this recording project in October with a handful songs and vision. I wanted to collaborate musically and hear my songs through other peoples ears.The meaning behind the name of the band comes from the concept of the word “manifold;” or a whole that unites or consists of many diverse elements. That is the most integral part of understanding how the music will come together. I’ve chosen specifically to write songs that will feature different musicians, all working together to create something special. We began by uploading all of the demo tracks I initially recorded so that we could make sure the songs were arranged the way they were intended to be and so I could begin recording the simple drum and percussion tracks. Jason Maurer (pictured above) signed on as the engineer and co-producer and will also play drums on the song “Sweetest Love.” We have booked a bunch of studio time and have planned to record the entire album in the next few months.


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