Blog #5: Valentine’s Day Suprise!

First, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Second, now is as good a time as any to share the first Lee’s Manifold single with you. The whole idea was to create a project that featured different musicians on all of the tracks. However, I began this journey with the first group of friends that I ever played music with in a band called Happy Birthday Dr. Jim. This Summer I was fortunate enough to talk Maximillian Moore, Gabe LaVine, and Nick Kozak into recording this song with me at The Recording Company with Tim Lynch who produced and engineered a lot of our older music and always shared his talents and kindness with us. It was an incredibly rewarding experience that I’ll never forget because even now it’s crazy to think that eight years on we are still playing music together and remain great friends. Thank you to everyone who made this song possible and to Steven Meara for mastering the track. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to my beautiful and talented partner Paulina Meneses for inspiring me everyday and for inspiring this song. I love you with all of my heart!  Please take a listen to this labor of love and share it with your family and friends.


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