Wa-hooo! This Sunday I was able to complete all of my lead vocals for Leave a Light On and it only took a little over 3 hours. I’m incredibly excited to prepare the different takes and for the few guest musicians who are coming in to sing on the songs. Tracking vocals is never usually fun for me but I had a great time tracking these vocals. Most of the songs are really laid back and I was able to relax and mess around with my voice. Jason is incredibly patient and helpful in making various decisions such as how to phrase a specific line melodically or which lyrics could be slightly adjusted, as well.

On Monday we began to edit all of the different vocal takes in Studio B. It took a grueling 5 hours to finish 5 songs-worth of material but was well worth it because we got to hand-pick the sections we liked the most.. The songs are beginning to sound like finished songs and I’m getting more excited to add all the harmony vocals and to record some more ambient soundscapes. We still have two songs to finish editing and then we need to book more time to record the rest of the group vocal harmonies. Needless to say we are closing in on finishing the record.


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